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How we proceed

We put a strong emphasis on proceeding as efficiently and flexible as possible in order to match with your expectations regarding quality, pricing and scheduling.

Following you will find a rough layout of our usual working process in cooperation with our clients. Thus you will gain an insight in our most relevant working stages and crucial factors for pricing as well as delivery time.

Regarding our consulting services we provide the opportunity of a complimentary first interview for initial inquiry and clarification in terms of workflow, services and pricing.

If there are any specific questions, please feel free to contact us!

Service request and document review

In case of interest please feel free to send us your project- and object information like plans, views, drafts and designs. Afterwards we will strictly confidential review them and submit  you a tentative offer. The more reference information (materials, colors, surrounding elements etc.) we obtain from you, the better we will be able meet your expectations concerning final result.

Pricing and quotation

Among others our pricing is strongly dependent on project scale, desired degree of detail and extent of requested advertising material.  We try our best to meet your pricing expectations by offering quantity discounts and flat prices.  Furthermore we strive to complete your project as timely as possible - the duration of project finalization will be defined during the quotation process. 

Project realization with intermediate review stages

After quotation and approval we start to realize your project as fast as possible. In the course of project realization we will optionally submit 2 to 3 intermediate versions to give you the opportunity for change requests  and eventual adaptations.  At this point it is crucial for pricing- and scheduling efficiency  that you preferably submit your requests all together per stage.

Project finalization and delivery

After integrating eventual change requests and adaptations, we will forward the finished advertising material in your desired format. All rights of usage included. 

Billing and follow-up

If there are any further change requests at this stage, we have to account it separately via flat rate. Following the project completion and in case of continuing cooperation interest, we would be eased to have a follow up with you for eventual workflow efficiency adaptations and outcome optimization based on your expectations and ideas. 

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

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